We’re your people if:

* You recognize the existence of injustice in the world and want to be a catalyst of change through your business. Even if your business isn’t directly connected to social change, you want to practice a more conscious version of capitalism. We like to call this business activism. We are putting our money where our mouth is!

* You want to collaborate, learn, and grow in community, rather than doing it all yourself. Our community is curated with the idea of building community over competition. Like, for real. We walk the talk, we talk the walk, and we’re always evolving and seeking to do better.
You value the intersection of diversity - in people, in fields of business, and in various levels of experience. Part of the GOLD of our community is that we have varying perspectives and levels of experience. The depth of the community comes from the willingness women have to share.

* You’re willing to pull back the curtain on how we do business. Not just posting the shiny stuff on Instagram, but talking about how we got there, what’s really happening behind the scenes, so that we can truly support each other. #realreel

* You want to flip the script on how we share our tools and resources. Moving away from the outdated masculine way of “I got this by myself” - and leaning into a more feminine-led model that highlights community, we like to call this financial feminism

We might not be for you if:

- You’re not in alignment with our core values where we collaborate, elevate, and inspire through our always-evolving inclusive and diverse ways

- Your business focus or model is self-serving or demands that women be less in any way

- You think the status quo is fine and aren’t interested in evolution

- You’re a Trump supporter (sorry, not sorry)

Listen :
Just because we’re women doesn’t mean we’re not going to be assholes. As our resident data boss Amanda Bell says, “You can’t just put pink on it.” Our community is curated with the idea of building community over competition. Like, for real. We walk the talk, we talk the walk, and we’re always evolving and seeking to do better. This online community is going to evolve as we are!

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This is a safe, inclusive and highly curated social platform built by Ladybosses, for Ladybosses!
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build CO-mmunity, together!

Here in this private, business specific community you will have the opportunity to learn, share, teach and level up! You will grow your business beyond your wildest dreams in alignment with our shared core values.

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September 9 in Summer 2021.


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Our 1st brunch on Saturday, April 3rd, 2021, 11:00am EST, was a huge success! More than 300 folks attended this virtual brunch which included an exceptional menu and a virtual swag bag.

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Queenpreneur's Checklist for Startup Success

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