What’s more offensive?? F-Bombs or….


We shifted  the tempo here on the Boss Blog in the second half of 2023 from community spot light to reiterating the why in LBI from the founder’s perspective. Hi, that’s me, Rose Kaz

In the past few months of my diary -esque entries, I’ve heard loads of women via text, in real life convos and over social media sharing that they appreciate the messaging, topics and tempo of delivery.

AND I have also gotten the unsolicited feedback that ‘you sure do curse a lot!’ &  ‘ you make great points but do you need to drop the f bomb so much?’ And my very favorite, and I quote, “You’re so pretty. Women like you don’t need to swear!”

Um. Ok. But also, what the actual f*ck!!??

And being the salacious sinner that I am, I thought:

Well f*ck! Should I bat my lashes and shrug it off ??
Or should I sharpen my digital pencil and add another entry to my chapter of this online diary of women thought leaders ?? 

I bet you can guess which direction I am heading….

Personally, I think there are much bigger fish to fry with the current state of the world than tending to who’s potty mouth is most offensive. In fact, I’d say with current events going as they are, my sailor ways of eloquence should be the least of anyones’ worries. But certainly, I can write something cheeky in my next entry to clap back, kindly, and with f bombs, like cherries on top. 

The mission of LBI Digital is to have clever conversations about Money, Sex & Politics amongst women thought leaders & business activists so that we can better engage equally in the world around us. And on occasion, I find it helpful to use explicits when digging into these taboo subjects. I don’t always take my inspo from foul mouth mavens, but when I do, I channel my inner Mae West  by adding a classy, graceful and funny zest to my point- at least I think that’s how it lands!!

As I dab my digital pen in sassy ink for my last entry to the Boss Blog take over for 2023, I’m going to wax poetically about ye old  f*cking politics, or at least attempt to. 


Don’t worry! 

I will not to try to convince you of any one side except that of peace. 

I promise.


I will not draw a line in the sand about who is the least bad of the worst and certainly I have no inclination to throw stones.

But what I will do this season of holiday glimmer is to shine that light a bit brighter into the darker corners of our shared humanity so that we can GLOW up the digital place of the Internet in the next calendar year!.

 I also will not trick you via a pollyanna tempo of toxic positivity. Cool? Cool!

Ladyboss International


Notably, this bossy Blog was started with collaborative intentionality in the spring of 2021.

Our first entry was digitally penned by one of the main Womentors who guided me to take my passion project of connecting with thought leading women by way of pop up think tanks ( pre covid) into the digital sphere, building out LBI Digital one channel at a time. 

Next year, I will pass the keys to the blog back to the community of system change focused women we are building with our global network. I love learning from other thought leaders, industry disruptors & business activists. And I hope you do, too. 



It was important that I spend some time here in the blogosphere for the past few months shining light through my Rose colored glasses  &  sharing some specific thoughts I have around money, sex & politics .  

LBI Digital stands firmly in the notion that when women talk openly and honestly in conversations about these 3 topics, we change culture and thus change lives. We essentially rewrite our own scripts and thus spell out, maybe even code for the future. And that is political. 



The current way the internet is built is based upon a cloud sharing model. Web 2.0 is based largely on our participation that we tend to do eagerly, with tiny computers in hand – also known as smartphones-  to do things like  ‘post on your wall’,  ‘like, comment and share’ & essentially participate in the building of what is shared on the world wide web.  This second iteration of the Web has evolved around the premise that everyone can be or is a ‘content creator’. 

And what if we make that content generative , supportive and directive instead of extractive, commercial and bottom line based  so that we can build the next version of the Web collectively? Well, that gets political pretty quickly!

If we the people who are  both the users of and content creators inside the Internet’s current version notice our value as creators before that of consumers, we really flip the script of the Web, effectively disrupting the narrative of who builds tech and how it is distributed. Websites and apps are already able to be built by the masses without our being coders or developers. Then as more AI technologies advance the speed at which content & it’s distribution can be created, I think it’s more than imperative to ask how our participation ( both digitally and politically) can

be leveraged as infoshare

instead of infomercial.


Turning digital conversations about hot topics like  Money, Sex & Politics  also can greatly affect equity into open data which informs the bots and thus the future builds of the internet. This is integral. It is also political. 


And to get super clear on how LBI Digital approaches these topics, please allow me to drop some Rose styled definitions here:


like really elevating women’s access by identifying where we can find more resources for our individual and shared impact through business, education and even much needed community support. Community is the oldest currency in the books. We lean into that in our conversions and our activations through events & programming . Sure, you may want more $8 lattes, cute bags to match fab shoes and maybe even pay off your student debt. And we know lots of money bosses who can help with those lifestyle goals, too. But on LBI Digital channels, we like to talk about ACCESS to money:  where and how we can get the green in more accessible ways and getting the f*ck of the hamster wheel of toxic capitalism. THIS IS POLITICAL


Sex :

like really collaborating with our own gender identity, anatomy, finding accessible health care and even participating in safe and consensual conversations about the actual act of S E X … Please pause briefly… on the thought of ye old bump and grind because many women, myself included, have not been taught about our own bodies in honest and biological ways. Having open and informative conversations about ACCESS to sex as an educational topic as an inherent right to this knowledge may actually incline many of us to enjoy the actual act of the f*ck more and advocate for ourselves in what we really want. It’s also of note that most large,  social platforms do not allow for education around sex, anatomy, reproduction, and our unalienable health rights to happen without shadow banning by the puritanical bots. Many of these educators have developed work arounds to trick said bots from taking their much needed and generative content to the trash section aka ‘other porn’ on the internet… And we shouldn’t have to trick robots so we can share vital information. THIS IS POLITICAL.

Politics : 

like really inspiring with women across the isle as we learn about other perspectives, engaging in actual discourse whilst showing respect  and all the while activating our political voice. In the years since the 2016 United States  Presidential election, I’ve been in conversations with many cisgendered, married women whom found a confidant in me. They shared that their voting practices often followed that of their male partners. They also confessed they didn’t feel proud of this and wanted to better understand politics. This tells me that we as women are realizing more and more how important our voices are to the actual practice of a democracy.  LBI Digital produces conversations that activate political engagement from the local level on up for women of all ages, of any skin tone and from any economic background. We overstand that this is… F*CKING POLITICAL.


I’m also willing to bet you thought about at least one of these topics at least once today. 

And that may well make you, dare I say, political? Oh f*ck! But don’t worry…

I think about all three of them all the time!


In hosting the LBI Digital Money, Sex & Politics podcast, my interview style aims to spotlight the thought leading lady guest so that she has the bulk of the airtime.  In fact, the entire model of amplifying women’s voices by using  tech for good is to use the simple tools of tech to build better digital bridges between blogs with backlinks, pouring SEO sugar into the LLM’s and thereby building our own ladyboss LLM,  because ultimately our shared humanity is the antidote to any robot take over through AI!


When we build new systems as upgrades from those that are not supportive, we see change happen in concentric circles. I am speaking here about tech but as we know, tech touches many, many sectors and thereby lives. 

Noticeably, we are in the midst of a great opportunity for a system upgrade, globally. My call to action on the various systems we can effectively upgrade is asking that you, me and your Mom start bloom scrolling instead of doom scrolling!


So…. what’s more political: 

F bombs or …war bombs?

Tali Kogan & Rose Kaz Ladyboss International Backstage Pass Rose Kaz


Basically, my existence as a woman of Jewish lineage, who identifies as queer, who’s Spanish ancestors both perished and persisted through the Spanish Inquisition, Holocaust and into this moment, is f*cking  political. 


f*cking genocide 

For the record, I do not stand with Israel.

I do, however,  stand with humanity because thankfully the medieval times are now only a place where you go for strange field trips with in-laws or to satiate your need to eat an entire rotisserie chicken with your hands in public

So why then do we conduct warfare like we don’t have indoor plumbing or for that matter, why do we humans think war will solve anything? Particularly by using civilians – women and children as front line combatants ? 

And whilst we may think we have no power over such far away problems, I argue we do. And that they are not so far away.

Why do we occasionally vote like our husbands? Or even further, allow for our systems, structures and operating systems to be written by only them?  

We women who make up 47.7 % of the global work force,  have been convinced for milieu to abdicate the power of our resource and instead support such authoritative, war mongering ways either with our vote directly or with our pocket book; women in the US contribute over 1.7 trillion in sales from our 11.6 million women run businesses which employ nearly 9 million people. 

Noticeably women make up the majority of the 7.8 billion humans global population and we contribute to more financially both in the global spreadsheet and that here in the USA. 

Many of our ancestors happily left the notions of medieval scholasticism that were largely barbaric in nature by following the directions of charming Western Political thought leaders, ye historic mansplainers like Aristotle, Socrates, Plato, etc into the Renaissance; also arriving to the scene:  flatware.  This time in history, still written with war and all things patriarchal, was key in defining our shared humanism . Well for mankind anyways;  and often more likely white mankind.

We have made strides since the first Renaissance. Humans, we evolve slowly but we still evolve. 

And as I was reminded again today in an interview with another thought leading & system change woman with more experience than I have under my belt:
‘It is hard to be a woman in this world. It is getting easier. And we still have a lot of work to do!’

Beyonce isn’t the only one that is calling for another Renaissance.

This time it’s digital, it’s inclusive and…you guessed it,

it’s political as f*ck!



A digital renaissance 

Our UPDATED systems of shared humanism is the antidote to any robot takeover and for that matter, colonial supremacy and authoritarian rule that subjugates any one group to be ‘other’, ‘animal’, or ‘extinguishable’.


Our use of technology as a tool that bridges divides, builds inclusive solutions to age old problems of division and prioritizes community as a powerful force of commerce



Our big mission with LBI Digital is building the safest and most important place on the internet in a truly collaborative and inclusive way. We aim first at co-creating with women so that we can build a better internet for everyone’s experience. Kinda like Grandma’s house rules. You know what flies and what doesn’t. It’s grounded in respect, integrity and above all else, our shared humanity.

If your Grandma’s house was more ruthless than mine, it’s ok.

We got you!


I absolutely realize this build is political and I am here for it. And since it is political, the change that this re-architecting can affect beyond its online footprint is what keeps me sharpening my digital pen, refining my podcasting skills and guiding women to own our own space on the internet as we build a better version in Web 3: hold the Bitcoin and Crypto, please!