A Fun Way to be Female Forward

Support Collaborative, Women in Leadership by BINGING By Abi Green, J.D.

Feeling overwhelmed by all suffering in the world right now? While we must stay vigilant, informed and support those suffering in Ukraine and around the world, we must also care for ourselves and there is nothing quite so healing as entertainment. To that end, here are some shows to provide you temporary respite from the state of the world.

  • Great News (Netflix)
    Longtime 30 Rock writer, Tracy Wigfield, created this two season triumph with unforgettable lines like. “I don’t know much about sex positions. I took a Cosmo quiz and it said I am pretty enough to just lie there.” The show has Executive Producer Tina Fey’s signature fast paced, insightful yet goofy humor but Wigfield infuses a unique perspective. Most surprising is Nicole Richie’s performance. She will surprise and delight you. The jokes are dense. You’ll need a couple of viewings.
  • I’m Sorry (Trutv)
    I feel so connected to this show’s creator and star, Andrea Savage. Proving women do not lose their sense of humor postpartum, her true to life portrayal of a sarcastic, raunchy mom and speaks to my comedic soul. Take a break from the shows illustrating a frazzled shell of a woman as the only definition of motherhood. Instead, watch a former standup comedian, tell stories from her actual life. She dives into the really important questions all moms face, like “what if you found out your kid’s teacher likes ice cubes in her butt?” ass cubes, tee hee or asking your husband, “Honey, if I were a prostitute, what do you think I could charge?” Oh Ms. Savage, you see me. She also has a great podcast. All guests are required to say the word “butthole” because its funny. Don’t other think it.
  • Newborn Moms (ABCd)
    Enjoy 3 minute mini-episodes ideal for a quick laugh break, which you need right now. Ideal bathroom break viewing. Two super funny Canadian women helping each other through one of the toughest stages of life. It is particularly poignant if you are caring for a newborn but will still hit home for those who experienced those challenging days long ago. Remember genuinely asking your partner,“What if [the baby] cried so hard he made himself barf and he’s just lying there on his back with his mouth filled with vomit? Like the drummer guy from Led Zeppelin?” For those who have given birth, I highly recommend the “War Stories” episode where a group of Moms recount horrifying birth stories. The word “bum-gina” is forever burned in my brain.
  • The Katering Show (YouTube)
    “A journey of the food intolerant & an intolerable foodie”. These two Australian women, both named Kate, are so funny they’ll make chocolate milk shoot out your nose, even if you’re not drinking anything. With lines like “We always thought food intolerance was just for people who wanted to jazz up their eating disorders.” The series has just 6 episodes but, thankfully this duo is still going strong. Check out their Covid PSA explaining that now since gyms are closed everyone must exercise outdoors in the company of a live dolphin.  (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5OoPTWUczM0). 
  • Astronomy Club (Netflix)
    Innovative, funny with an all-Black cast, this sketch show delivers pants wetting laughter. The show addresses many timely topics like #blacklivesmatter and racial injustice in a thoughtful, empowering, hilarious way. Real change happens in ways big and small. Watching this show supports Black actors and by watching it you are proving to entertainment executives, there is an audience for more shows featuring the BIPOC community. I especially recommend the third episode about political organizing. From my decades of experience, this sketch is on point.
  • It’s Personal with Amy Hoggart (TruTV)
    I first spotted Amy on Full Frontal with Samantha Bee (amazing, underrated show BTW). She’s funny, relatable and a genuine empath. She travels the US to help people struggling with problems in a unique, over the top and unforgettable way. This show will lighten your soul without ripping at your heartstrings.
  • At Home with Amy Sedaris (TruTV)
    Cook, crafter, comedian, what can’t Amy do? Fans of her off the wall comedy (think Strangers with Candy) will appreciate her characteristic MadTV meets deranged homemaker style. You may ask yourself “why would one utilize an upside down stool to strain spaghetti?” The answer is- she’s Amy Sedaris.In the words of Stephen Colbert, Strangers with Candy cast member, “You can’t un-fry things, Gerry. You can’t be something you’re not”.
  • Amy Schumer Learns to Cook (Food Network)
    Get an unprecedented peek into life at home with renowned potty mouth funny lady, Amy and her chill AF husband. He’s a chef (but not a douchy celebrity, just a guy who loves to cook) and she is not. He teaches her things while their baby naps. Then, they eat. Also, since they recorded the show, her Chef husband has been diagnosed as neurodivergent. I am impressed with the way this couple bravely communicates about such an important topic.

Have you watched any of these female driven shows? We’d love to hear your thoughts!

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