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Affinity : LBI Engage

Affinity : LBI Engage

LBI Digital : Engage 


The Engage program supports Women’s affinity groups in the corporate sector that aim to provide supplemental support to their women staff.  These women are in the process of becoming realized leaders, or those amongst us who may struggle with feeling undeveloped for much desired career advancement and more fulfilling lives

Over the past 8 years we have lead experiential learning methods in collaboration with women globally.

Our LBI Digital Engage audiences leave feeling elevated and inspired as women leaders, equipped withe the tools we need to really GLOW up in our roles and our lives.


Women in Business Panel on FUNDINGFINAL


 perks of connecting your cohorts into Engage :

  • Together, we strengthen trust  & build bonds within Women’s affinity groups in many sectors that cross collaborate after our programming on our digital hub, The Backstage Pass. 
  • We build stages with industry agnostic leadership circles, digitally & in person.
  • All participants of our programming receive access to our digital hub for 24/ 7 access to a growing collective of women globally who look to collaborate, elevate and inspire at work & at home. 
  • LBI Digital Engage supports your circle with our online community shares in our virtual lounge- the Ladyboss Library – with links to resources so that we can continue to share our tools even after the event programming wraps. 
  • Opportunity to advertise to our growing audience of women on LBI Digital channels including our Boss Blog & Podcast.
  • We grow our collective mission in making tech tools accessible with groups large & small. 

                           Want to collaborate on a stage with LBI Digital?