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GLOW Up Sessions

GLOW Up Sessions


GLOW up Sessions

Schedule your one on one GLOW up session with Rose Kaz. Four 30 minutes sessions in 2 weeks. You need good content and we got you. (Total Time: 2 Hours)

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GLOW up your video feed…

Learn how to GLOW in your online presence and show up as your best Ladyboss self. Rose Kaz will help you learn how to stand out in the online sea of plenty with stellar photos and video content. We will work together to use the tools you have at your fingertips, right now! Your smart phone is smart & so are YOU!! We will dig into what channels on social media you love, and how to amplify your voice specifically on each channel. Sign up and learn key points to aid you as you move onward in your purpose. Can’t wait to work with you Ladyboss!

Take authority of your online presence!

Your hype girl for all woman and their businesses

1. Video Coaching on your Favorite Platform
Choose between Zoom, IGLive, Streamyard and more!
2. Lights, Camera, Action!
Learn the best lighting and camera positions to create a professional looking production.
3. Set the Scene
Discover the best background and what you should wear for your virtual events.
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One on One

Content Creation Consultant​

Start your Journey

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Payment Terms

One time payment of 480.00 for 2 hours ( Four 30 minute sessions in 2 weeks) No refunds or exchangesMust be used within 2 weeks of purchase May choose to add additional add ons of 

  • +IG Live Spot ( includes grid and story spot) ($42)
  • +Clubhouse Stage $(24)
  • + Blog Feature ($24)
  • +Youtube Feature ( $24)

Ready to GLOW up your business?

Rose would love to share her experience to help you build your business from scratch to reach your goals.