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  1. Kathleen Murtz
    May 19, 2022 @ 8:09 pm

    Excellent article, Tiffany.
    Corporate life does not allow for many of the points you’ve made. I’ve never held a corporate position that has allowed me self-care or mindfulness. Every corporate position I’ve held has regularly held me hostage even while on vacation, fearing that if I wasn’t always “on call” I may not have a job to go back to. The continuous distractions in corporate life are controlled by the company and you are at their mercy. I’ve had a manager that would never allow for any project to actually be completed at work, so even my time at home was work time. I’ve been owned by a couple of companies, only to find that I could be replaced overnight.
    There is nothing more glorious than being a female business owner. Utilizing your suggestions on how to stay focused, disciplined and in control of our own future will make us, as women business owners, happier, healthier and much more productive!


    • LBI
      May 20, 2022 @ 1:28 pm

      Yeeeeas Kathleen. Thank you so much for your insights and comments. Would you like to share your experience more specifically as a blog contributor? Please drop us an email at and we will gladly get you in the que.

      Make it a great day ladyboss!


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