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What we do,


Ladyboss International is constantly evolving to meet the needs of our community. As we evolve, grow, morph and change so does LBI. We provide many different kinds of services for to GLOWUP your business.

GLOW up Sessions​

Schedule your one on one GLOW up session with Rose Kaz. Four 30 minutes sessions in 2 weeks. You need good content and we got you, Ladyboss!! (Total Time: 2 Hours)

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LBI Backstage Pass

Our LBI Backstage Pass gives you access to an amazing group of Women in business along with the tools and resources to GLOW UP the world!
This is a safe, inclusive and highly curated social platform built by Ladybosses, for Ladybosses!
This is the space where we intentionally:
build CO-mmunity, together!
Here in this private, business specific community you will have the opportunity to learn, share, teach and level up! You will grow your business beyond your wildest dreams in alignment with our shared core values.
We will launch LBI Backstage Pass
September 9 in Summer 2021.

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LBI Handbag

Peek behind the curtain of the LBI Backstage Pass to see what tools and resources are available to you Ladyboss! Interested in being a purveyor of these resources, email us here.

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LBI Branding

You need good content and we got you, ladyboss! Full service photo and video production for your PR, event and headshot needs. We have cameras and will travel!

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Saturday Boss Up Brunches

Our 1st brunch on Saturday, April 3rd, 2021, 11:00am EST, was a huge success! More than 300 folks attended this virtual brunch which included an exceptional menu and a virtual swag bag.

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Featured LBI

Are you ready to collaborate, elevate and inspire? What are your “superpowers” and how can we collaborate to showcase and share what you do in the world with others? Click learn more to fill out the form.

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The Community

Ladyboss International can help you GLOW with our amazing community.

1. Why Ladyboss International?
LBI was started by a woman seeking community, who desired space to connect with and learn from other womens’ experiences. She found that through leaning into community and collective experiences, she could go bigger and better.
Conceived with YOU in mind, Ladyboss International, is an intentional, inclusive, and diverse space focused on collaborating, elevating and inspiring Women globally. Our mission is to elevate and inspire Women in business through shared educational resources, idea exchanges, collaborative projects and mentorship opportunities.
You are welcome here!
2. Why You Need A Community?
Ladyboss International is a growing community of exceptional Women interested in a new kind of networking strategy and relating in business. If there is one thing we know as ladybosses, its that we cannot do it all on our own. CO-mmunity is vital to our growth and success. We offer our community a mic and powerful stages & platforms to share talents, services, products, tools, resources , stories and wisdom with the Women of the world., Inside of LBI you will find a diverse collective of inspirational Women committed to seeing one another win, up level, GLOW UP and ultimately change the world.
3. Why You Need an Online Presence?
Business today is ever evolving, but one thing we know for sure, the internet isn’t going anywhere! Building an online strategy is vital to the health, wealth and success of every Ladyboss! Making sure that your online presence matches the energy you want to put out in the world is essential. GLOW UP

…if you’ve been looking for a club to join that is is all about collaboration, that is all about growth, that is all about motivation.
Go ahead and hit that button and follow Ladyboss International…

Katherine Pacheco

Host of Chakras & Cusswords

I am super internally grateful for the support that I have received from Ladyboss International.

Clare Crowley

Business Owner at Yoga House International.

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Ready to grow your business?

We cannot wait to GLOW UP the world with you incredible ladyboss! Let’s GLOW!!​