Am I a Seeker?

Hey Ladyboss! We’re so glad you’re here… and since you’re here there’s a good chance you’re wondering what the LBI Backstage pass is, what it offers and if you are a “seeker”.

So what is a seeker exactly?

Seeker = A ladyboss who knows she needs and wants the resources to GLOW up the world and isn’t quite sure where she should start.

Seeker = A ladyboss who is a risk taker, a go-getter, a difference maker.

Seeker = A ladyboss that is brave, bold and ready to embrace change.

Do these definitions resonate?

If you’re ready to stop “just winging it”, and get your glow up on, the LBI Backstage Pass is for you!

What will your find inside the LBI Backstage Pass as a Seeker?

#1 an AMAZING community of likeminded ladybosses who are ready and committed to glowing up with you.

#2 So. Many. Freebies! Our purveyors (resident experts and teachers inside the LBI Backstage Pass) share all kinds of goodies, and the Ladyboss International team is regularly creating and sharing exclusive tips, tutorials, worksheets and live classes… plus so much more!

#3 Weekly live calls! Every Wednesday we have a virtual coworking call via zoom. On Thursdays we join up with some of our experts for a Think Tank call. Fridays we double up with a q & a call AND a happy hour call to finish off the week right! Join the LBI Backstage Pass to see our cull calendar of events.

#4 The opportunity to level up your network in very collaborative and unique ways!

#5 The ultimate vault of resources for glowing up your life and business! We capture and share our zoom calls, freebies, live classes, worksheets and community courses all in one place so you can dive deep into your glow up!

… and these 5 things are just the tip of the iceberg!

The LBI Backstage Pass is a safe, inclusive and  highly curated social platform built by Ladybosses, for Ladybosses! 

We hope you’ll join us inside of the LBI Backstage pass!