We Value Inclusivity

We’re back to talk about our final core value, inclusivity. It’s certainly not the least of our core values.

We are always saying we collaborate, elevate and inspire THROUGH diversity and inclusivity. So what does inclusivity look like inside of the LBI Backstage Pass?

Inside the LBI Backstage Pass Inclusivity Means…

fair (but actually!) – Actual accessibility is vital to the movement we’re growing and we’re committed to DOING the work that needs to be done, real talk! Open communication, with consciousness leads to kind and non-violent conversations that grow all involved.

Open – A COmmunity that is committed saying bye-bye patriarchy and HELLO MATRIARCHY. This space is soft, kind, open and designed to make everyone feel seen and validated. The inclusivity and openness creates a cycle of even greater COmmunity; growing, expanding and creating even more opportunities.

Careful – Consciously creating a kind, open platform that encourages curiosity. Careful inclusivity inspires care/carefulness that mirrors back care and carefulness in a ripple effect that grows, inspires and magnetizes others towards the mission that we’re on.

Kind – Our COmmunity is activated to show kindness through empathy, open & non-violent communication, follow through and actually giving a f*ck. Actionable kindness that is tangible and visible to all. Kindness also shows up as we mentor and support from a place of gentleness.

Honors history (and the bullshit of it too) – We understand that we’re not building our COmmunity in a vacuum. We’re willing to look into the REAL stuff that has brought us to where we are today and learn from the past. We’re grounded in the present, learning from those who have gone before us and intelligently / strategically choosing to do things differently.

Hopeful – We’re creating a space that honors people where they are at, does not shame or criticize, and allows all women to be a part of a more optimistic future — the one that we are CO-creating together. This hopeful space asks questions, doesn’t shy away from the answers that challenge us and lights the way for others to do the same. What we are building is just the tip of the iceburg and that excitement inspires us to continue to move forward, even when challenged.

Courageous – Walking the talk, not just talking about it. Jumping in with both feet, and being the change makers. It takes courage to stand up and say “we are the change makers”, but we’re committed to doing it, hand in hand with our community.

Emotional – Making space to honor the emotions and feelings that come with the challenge we’ve taken on. We recognize that the wide, but heavy doors we’re holding open and honoring the history that got us to where we are today can take an emotional toll. Our community is a safe space to be honest with those emotions and find the encouragement, support or listening ear that we all need from time to time.

Relentless – Regardless of the challenge, we will relentlessly push forward. Carefully, mindfully, and with boldness, we will challenge the challenges as a strong community. We will continue to evolve and push for the change we desire to see in the world.

Leadership in inclusivity – As leaders in the LBI Backstage Pass we’re committed to ensuring that our walk matches our talk and that we’re the first ones to make room at the table for others. We want to inspire, but also mirror back our values to our aligned COmmunity. We recognize that this requires checking our egos at the door, and going all in for the betterment of all. We’re each just one of the many ladybosses making up this incredible movement, and we’re dedicated to maintaining and building the momentum that drives all to bigger and better things.

Facilitating the hard conversations – Someone has to be willing to do it, and we are willing to put ourselves out there, even when its uncomfortable. Inclusivity means dropping the ego, opening our ears and owning our shit. When the hard conversations need to happen we will mediate with compassion, integrity and open hearts. Leading the way when it comes to open communication, even when its uncomfortable and hard, will encourage and inspire others to do the same.

When you are inclusive, it means being fair and open-minded. It means honoring the history of those who have come before us, while also looking ahead to how we can be better in future endeavors. Inclusivity is about facilitating hard conversations with sensitivity and empathy, not just making things easy for ourselves by avoiding them altogether. We want our community to see these qualities in the leadership and be inspired to grow in these areas as well.

What does inclusivity mean to you? What does it look like in your business? We’d love to know!