For Women in Business Collaboration Is…

There are so many ways to define collaboration. This month we’re going to be talking about what it is, what it isn’t, how it impacts your business. There are just so many ways to view and utilize collaboration as women in business!

To start the conversation this month I wanted to take a deeper look at what collaboration is. So I reached reached out to a number of my fellow entrepreneurs and LBI Backstage Pass members for their perspective.

2 women back to back with happy smiles. Text says For "Women in Business Collaboration Is"

Let’s look at what collaboration is:

Working together to reach a common goal.

The saying goes that “two heads are better than one” – this is especially true in my experience. When you’re teaming up with another women you’ll find a cheerleader, accountability partner, and brainstorming resource.

Charissa, from TruProsperity added, ” Collaboration is working together to reach a common goal while utilizing individual zones of genius”

When you join forces with a collaboration partner you can each tap into the things that make you special and unique. You’re also tapping into the skills and brilliance of your collaborator. I’ve found this to significantly impact momentum and success of projects I’ve been a collaborator on! When women join forces with each other, there is an undeniable power. 

Synergy at work.

And this is so true! When you join forces and intentionally focus in a collaborative way, synergy takes place.

Erica from Erica Rice Digital Consulting, shared “Collaboration is combining your magic with another’s to create something greater than you ever could on your own”

There is a certain kind of magical energy generated by a brilliant collaboration. The momentum and life that it can breathe into your work is oh so delicious when its right.

About the End Result.

While there can be many phases and components to a collaborative project, everything is done with the end in mind. This requires us to intentionally and strategically organize our vision and plan to be sure we’re on track and that the resulting product is as best as it can possibly be.

It also requires that we take our own ego’s out of the equation. If we make the mistake of thinking about ourselves and our own needs too much when trying to collaborate with other women in business, we may find ourselves with more time, energy, and power wasted than actually produced. And we might even completely derail the project we were so excited about.

Essential for Success.

Versions of this point came from several of my women in business friends, and I absolutely agree with their perspective.

One of my favorite insights came from Lindsay of Small Leaps Coaching, “It’s working together to build each other up for growth and essential for success.”

I can easily say that one of my favorite aspects of collaboration is having someone to give me a pep talk when I am struggling or a kick in the pants if I need it. Investing in your collaborative partners is investing in your own success.

Jess Wilson, of J Wilson Pix, has a perspective that fits perfectly here: “A meeting of minds and mutual intention for the purpose of growth and support.” And she is SO right!

Today women make up a large percentage of entrepreneurs in North America, and women-owned businesses contribute significantly to the economy. When we collaborate, when we join forces around a shared goal, when we invest in each other’s success, women everywhere win.

The reality is that our world has changed, and we need to change with it. We owe it to ourselves and the next generation of women in business to make sure we are doing everything possible for their futures. Collaboration can be a powerful tool when used correctly. When you collaborate on meaningful projects with other like-minded individuals, everyone wins! Join us by taking some time today to reflect on how your collaboration efforts have made an impact in your life or someone else’s life around you. What does collaboration mean for you?