Becoming Virtual as Women in Business


Article written by Dr. Heather Gansel

The pandemic challenged us in many ways, physically, emotionally and mentally.  But for most of us the challenge came from having to redefine how we were going to conduct business.   Having opened a new business right at the height of the Pandemic without knowing what was going to happen next forced me to collaborate in new ways.  I was about to completely change my entire business model around.

Being old school, someone who is definitely not a millennial, this posed many challenges for me.  Throughout my 20 years of being a business owner I owe a majority of my patients/clients to the networking, collaboration with other professionals and through grassroot marketing efforts.  Now I had to learn everything about digital marketing and how to become virtual.  This was not my strong suit. 

So I did what most of us would do, I hired a coach.  An online business coach.  One who had been extremely successful with online personal training.  I figured since part of my business model, the brick-n-mortar business, combined personal training and chiropractic medicine.  I assumed the personal training service would be easy and simple to launch but I was wrong.  

I spent almost three months learning.  Learning about opt in pages, sales funnels, automation, email marketing, content creation and organic digital marketing.  Trying to absorb it all as fast as I could.  I was attending various virtual workshops, masterminds and challenges to understand how to make an online business thrive from leading experts like Russel Brunson, Sean Cannell, Pedro Adao, Tony Ribbons, to name a few.  

But I didn’t want to just copy, cut and paste someone else’s sales funnels, email automation or scripts.  I still wanted it to be me.  I was narrowing in on who my avatar is, my ideal client/patient and most importantly WHY people would want to work with me.  

Every single one of my peers inside the mastermind coaching group I was a part of was in the fitness industry.  All saying the same thing with a slight change up but basically the same.  They were all showing off client transformation photos, success stories and even photos of themselves as if they had been at one point in their life been a fitness model.  I was none of those things.  

Clients/patients did not come to me because I was some ripped, toned female who looked good in a bathing suit.  It was my knowledge.  My compassion.  My skill set as a doctor.   But how was I going to get in front of all these people?  How was I going to make myself known in this virtual space?

It wasn’t until a professional colleague who gave me the best advice that I saw the direction my business would go in.  



“Heather, start writing blog posts and post them in all those private facebook groups you belong in.”   

An immediate light bulb went off.  For months I was seeing people, both male and female of all ages, asking questions about various musculoskeletal aches/pains.  So I tailored every post to help answer those questions.  On Sundays I would write 6 different posts.  One for runners, one for my female weight lifters, one for my triathletes, one for my skiers/snowboarders, one for my tennis players and one for my golfers.  I was answering their questions.  I was providing value to them.  I was providing the help they were seeking when things seemed closed off.  

The response to my posts were overwhelming.  People started reaching out.  Messaging me through the various social media outlets.  Some just wanted to pick my brain or discuss their current treatment plan while others had given up hope and wanted someone to finally put the pieces together.  

I began meeting people from all over the United States and as far as Australia & the United Kingdom.   So I began to test the waters a bit with the concept of being the Virtual Sports Chiropractor.  Seeing if I could help people become pain free in under a 3 week period with the help of utilizing all of my corrective exercise protocols which I had personally created throughout my 20 years in private practice.  

It worked!  To my surprise and theirs, it really worked.  

To this day I continue to operate as the only virtual sports chiropractor.  I have made it my mission to help over a 1,000 people who want to become pain free so they can get back to the activity they love most.  

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Find Dr Heather here:

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Dr Heather is redefining chiropractic care as being the only virtual sports chiropractor.  When the Pandemic first hit she had to find a way to continue to help people who were experiencing pain/ discomfort.   Feel free to contact her today to learn more about the online services she offers.