It is Safe to Create Together

I was just in the Ladyboss Lounge, reading the new member welcome chat.

At quick glance, I saw people from Texas, Missouri, Michigan, California.

I saw women who host podcasts, are professional ghost writers, aromatherapists, attorneys, wellness coaches, and business coaches.

I noticed that I could click the NEAR ME button and find members in my area. (I discovered a chakra healer an afternoon’s drive from where I live.)

As I sip my morning coffee and explore this virtual meeting room, I’m struck by how it feels.

The way things feel is very important to me. If a vibe is off, I have to leave.

The thing about the LBI Lounge is…the vibe is on.

It feels good.

It’s a safe space, and that’s something we all need.

Over the past few years, I have found myself craving a place where I belong, where I can be myself and share my life and my work in a supportive, affirming environment.

Maybe you’ve been craving that, too?

It is Safe to Create Together

Being a part of a safe community, where we can not only network, but also collaborate, is so important. I mean, it’s life-giving, isn’t it?

To have a place where we can support and inspire one another, especially for those working in fields that have been traditionally dominated by men, is vital.

Safe community space empowers us – as individuals and as a collective.

As a Creative, I find it incredibly important to be in communities where I can share my work without fear of judgement.

it is safe to create

The LBI Backstage Pass is an environment that’s inclusive and welcoming – and that benefits me as a creator. It provides a sense of comfort and support that feeds my creativity.

Whether you are just starting out in your business or creative endeavors, or you’ve been building a business for years, being a part of a supportive and encouraging community can provide with the guidance and the energy you need to grow and develop.

A safe community for women to share their work is essential for creating a more equitable industry.

It helps to foster a culture of acceptance and empowerment for women, non-binary, and femme presenting people. It’s a great way to develop connections and make valuable contacts that will ultimately ultimately help us thrive and be successful.

But this morning, as I’m meeting this new faces and names and reading about where people live and how they live, I’m noticing how important it is for us to simply know one another.

Hearing one another’s stories, talking about where we are from and what we love is a reminder that life is good. The world is, at its heart, good.

And we as individuals and a community…are good.

We want what’s best for ourselves, but we also want what’s best for one another.

It’s both a comfort and an inspiration.

I’d love to meet you in the Lounge.

If you’ve been thinking about joining us Backstage, now is the perfect time. (It’s free!)

I’m going to pour another cup of coffee, and I’ll meet you there!

More About Lori-Lyn

More About Lori-Lyn

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Lori-Lyn Hurley is a writer and artist who wants her work to nourish the wild parts of you and inspire you to live creatively and be your true self in the world.

Click here to come Backstage, meet Lori-Lyn and the entire community of femme forward leaders. 

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