Elevate? or ELEVATE?

From the desk of our Founder, Rose Kaz

To elevate or not to elevate?? THAT is the question, ladies!!!

And what does it really mean to truly elevate oneself and the people around you ??

I’m going to approach these questions both from an internal, individual perspective and that which I see to be helpful for women in business at large. 

Having started my career in photo + video production almost 15 years ago now, I realized that in order for me to elevate my own vision and my own work in the world, I had to have a certain amount of chutzpah; in many circles known as BALLS. However, what I quickly noticed was whilst I do have a fair amount of gall, I do not have any balls. Good news though, I do have a courageous and large chest; in many circles known as BREASTS. 

The bummer of this realization is that when I began to work in my respective field, my big chest wasn’t lauded for its courage, boldness or even business chutzpah. It was instead ogled at and then also diminished as being ‘just how it is’ for women in business and if I really wanted to level up, I need to grow some….balls, cover up my cleavage and keep my nose to the grindstone.

“Be more professional !’ ’ they said. As they oggled and touched inappropriately. Hmmmm ok. 


So I tried. I kept trying. And tried again still to elevate my own mission by growing some, by grinding and by playing masculine af so I could get to the ‘top’ of my career.  And guess what?? I just couldn’t…. grow any, grind any harder or pull myself up in the systems that consistently oppressed me for being ….me.  And guess what else??  I also noticed that the courage I had didn’t come from my physical anatomy even though, yes I still have that large and glorious chest.  

Again, this is not a boo hoo cry for sad little women. Instead it is a call to myself, of myself and from myself to: Stand tall, chest proud and elevate myself, even when the structures of sexism, racism, xenophobia and all the other ‘ isms’ I can make an entire blog entry about want to keep women in business playing small. But guess what Patriarchy?? I’m not scared of you any more!!

I’m just not. I’m here to elevate my own, friggn bad ass self so that I can elevate other women, globally. No small task right? OK so my next assignment for myself, once I’ve taken a walk outside to stop and smell the flowers, is to share this elevation of self with YOU, good reader and fella ladyboss!

Spoiler alert: we cannot lift each other up until we have truly raised our own chin, chest and yea…say it with me…TITS UP !! ( love you Mrs. Maisel! ) So with my own courageous tits up and my ugly cries set to occasional, I am HERE FOR YOU LADYBOSS. You know why?

Because I fully see how tricky this business betch of leaning into new systems of operating can be as we still navigate the old, oppressive and moldy ways of making commerce happen in sustainable ways; both for ourselves and the world around us. With that acknowledgement, let’s talk about how we can truly elevate one another and swipe left on that competition bullshit that those old ways have tricked us to believe are necessary for our survival. It’s simply not true.

When we build a community of support around women doing business differently, we can learn from each other and see that yes this shit if really f*cking hard AND we are not going at it alone. We can talk about ‘having her back’ and ‘community over competition’ though if we do not actually activate the actions to match the words, we are simply putting pink on the patriarchy. And f*ck that shiz. We need new ways to support ourselves, our communities and support this world.

So as we talk about our third core value of ELEVATE on the LBI Backstage Pass this month with our incredible community of women from all over the world, we are digging into raising our:

  • Our economic impact through our businesses
  • Our access to additional training & education 
  • Our access to business funding
  • Our ability to share tools & resources globally 
  • Our bank account balance
  • Our circle of influence 
  • Our health personally & for that of the planet 
  • Our wealth template
  • Our overall well being 

And we know this is both an INSIDE job AND a collective project to help us be a sustainable force that significantly shifts the old paradigm into this new age of digital renaissance where we buy back the internet and all its resources because when women are at the helm of more roles of leadership, business, driving commerce and turn our attention from only bottom line focused to heart lead organization, this world will be able to evolve to a more hospitable place for everyone !!

If you feel me on this ELEVATION sensation, join us on the BsP for 24/7 collaboration, inspiration and yea you got it, ELEVATION !!

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