The Movement that is LBI Backstage Pass

Did you know that they are going to finish Gaudi’s Sagrada Familia in 2026? Construction on the cathedral started in 1882. How amazing is that? That something that Gaudi dreamed up is being carried out almost 100 years after his death (he died in 1926). 

A little about Gaudi: He was a Catalan architect that build beautiful buildings like Park Guell. He is famous for Art Noveau and modernisme in the structures that he built throughout Barcelona, like this Casa Batllo.

Founder ladyboss Rose and I were talking the other day about random things, as we do. During this conversation we started talking about legacy and how being an entrepreneur committed to values is like starting a movement. Kind of like how folks are still building Gaudi’s work after he died. How we hope that the work of the LBI Backstage Pass will continue on. So we started thinking, what does it mean to have longevity of vision in the form of a movement?

Rose explains a little about the longevity of Gaudi’s vision:

Hundreds of years of work and one architect has come up with this vision and gotten buy in from not just their own goal for this to happen, but also from the people around them, not just in their time on the planet, but generations are in support of the idea to come into fruition.

This article and Rose’s vision for the BSP are similar to Tara McMullin’s idea about “remarkable content.” For McMullin it is content that people want to engage with in 2021. Gaudi’s Sagrada Familia project is fascinating because it is a project that has continued over 100+ years with 1000s of people working on it. The project has endured! The people connected to the project are invested and dedicated to seeing it succeed.

There is something about this building that people are inspired by, and that inspiration has created a passion and commitment to seeing the project completed, regardless of whether or not person who came up with it is still around.

Recently, I came across this post on instagram about living from ego and living from truth. Here in the lbi backstage pass we believe in living from our values (aka our truth).

  The longevity of Gaudi’s art gives a great example of what it looks like to live from truth. And how there are some truths that have resonance across time and 1000s of people. 

So what does that look like for the LBI Backstage Pass? 

Rose explained,

Yes the app exists and it is awesome and fruitful and successful. But what that represents is that women, people who want to have more authority over their life, more autonomy in their business, will have more of these tools or resources, and that the4y actually are getting them and that they’re advocating for themselves and for each other, which ultimately is shifting paradigms and changing the way that we live, which is a lofty idea. That’s big, tall ceilings.

Hell yes Rose. Thank goodness for big, tall ceilings.