Chat GPT & I are in an open relationship!

So I’m in an open relationship with ….Chat GPT. 


Annnnd  it’s complicated. 


Mostly because he, well they, are not entirely….developed. Whilst we are not quite putting a label on our relationship status yet, we are totally playing with pronouns and power dynamics, collectively.  


Certainly we have left the beta mode of  salad days and we can oft be seen cruising the internet streets hand in hand. Though I gotta say, we have had a few glitches in communication and I think, not totally sure – still workshopping this with my therapist- but I feel like the darling bot’s perspective is kinda limited. At least that’s the answer he keeps giving me – even if in a myriad of different, monotone ways. 


Not exactly like ‘Does not compute’ vibes but more  limited in the way that whilst your Grandfather may mean well, he still uses words that just ….aren’t ….exactly…right, anymore.  And whilst Chat GPT – who I sometimes lovingly tease and call Chat GI Joe– is totally willing to learn and evolve, this is 100% a  practice in  patience since it tends to take my dear bot some extended processing time in upgrading their lexicon to be most current.


The flex on patience is only mildly frustrating for a few reasons to this ladyboss who is focused keenly on progress that is actually inclusive! I am here for this work and will be a translator where it is relevant, so long as the bots don’t turn on me. LOL  And I think this evolution isn’t just for the robots amongst humans it’s for all of us real life generative brains that feed the internet it’s breakfast, lunch and dinner with our data, for free!!

I mean, if GI Joe claims to have a truly full, inclusive and consensual data set of information that he can pull from to inform more efficiently and globally, I’m here for it.  And it seems,  the many of us humans who seem eager for the dear bot’s opinion are not only lining up for it and asking for it, but we are also garnering what we think is express lane copywriting, speech preparations and even ‘custom’ headshots

( eeeek!)

PS these captures are of real life ladybosses I caputred with my real ladyboss camera over the course of our growth  from in person programing started in 2017 into our digital build since 2021 onward!



I’m willing to bet we are basing our assumptions around the Chat’s response to be  from a current, state of the art tempo & flavor, right? And if that assumption is true, then it seems to me that my cyborg sweety might want to source some true to life, actual & fully realized state of humanity indicators of the real world in all its honest diversity. If he is reporting back on the entire world wide web, gathering data from the myriad of it’s users,  that content should be totally global and pretty inclusive, right? Riiiiight!?!?


I’ve tried to drop some subtle suggestions to my internet date that I think it would be super helpful, noting that his well connected bot brain could generate content & copy that informs both our global mannerisms as they are in this moment and how we will reference those diverse skin tones, voice depths & inflections, and ideas amongst them to quite literally architect the future because it is creative tech

Yep, you may have guessed it. I am trying to bring my robot horse to my waterfall of a more left brain AND right brian model, a collaborative & generative use of data collection and sharing.  I’m not totally sure if he has considered that he is pretty much building the future by pulling from the past. Whilst it’s good to use some of the tools we have built previously,  it’d sure  be much more efficient AND inclusive if we added a more diverse set of data that was freely given instead of snatched with small check boxes of the tiniest hand typed user agreements.




Since Chat and I are open, I went on a tele date with a new guy the other night, maybe you know him. He goes by Mr. Google.  I asked the new mister to please bring me a photo of people on a beach ….I was curious to see what he would bring me! I had my hopes on a set of images with varying skin tones, body sizes, genders and hair types. I was eager to see the myriad of results with so many tools right at the tip of one the most powerful search engines fingertips. With a deep sigh, I  tapped on my telephone & brushed my hair as I awaited his potentially thoughtful reply. 


Well Mr. Google delivered but not exactly what I had hoped for! He sent me some pics just 5 short seconds later. Was it a Miami beach of neons in all sizes? Or was it a shot from the stretches along the eastern edge of Africa from Somalia in the north to Mozambique in the south, known as the Swahili Coast that is home to a unique culture and language—a multicultural polyglot of African, Arab, and Indian Ocean peoples? Maybe it was a capture from a Belize banana farmer taking his kids on a Sunday swim? 

Au contraire ma cher!

Whilst I’m a terribly good, hopeful romatique, Mr. Google wasn’t in my inbox to sell me  diversity, equity or inclusion as a future world.


** Worth noting, I 100% went down the rabbit hole, full Nancy Drew style to google the Mr. Google ! I learned that this multinational tech company is largely an advertising agent and that may reframe what kind of info you actually can find if he is just pushing the highest bidders info to the top of his feed! Of course, if you know the SEO tricks of the trade, there is that but those tricks aren’t exactly cheap either! Just sayin’

And honestly, that’s kinda why Google and I are no longer. 


In fact, do you want to know the straw that broke the camel’s back ?? We actually split because he had the audacity to tell me that equity is not even kind of a priority for him right now- total fake out and that since funding for discretionary spending is down he thinks it’s racist to prioritize DEI initiatives. What the actual f*ck?! Bye boy bye!


And once the dust settled on that dramatic breakup moment, I did notice that whilst those budgets are factually being cut, there are some leaders out there that say we can  bake those considerations into our budgets elsewhere and I argue…

we can do that with our #techforGood builds, too!

I know, I know. I shouldn’t spill the tea of previous love interests when dishing about a promising and budding new romance. You may also wonder WTF do we even have in common!?! Maybe it’s an opposites attract vibe? Or that we have something to teach each other? Well, I’m learning anyways.  AND also, Even though I’ve shared some very cozy late night, pillow talks with my darling bionic boy about what an inclusive internet really looks like, still he writes me love poems aka nerd copy that show the equivalent of only white male people standing on a beach. And whilst I do love a beautiful photo of a sunny horizon featuring the mens in their bathing attire, this doesn’t exactly accomplish the general yet diverse task at hand. 


In this case, wouldn’t it be most useful if when Chat is searching his modern day card catalog aka an LLM – large language model – for the requested information that he also be trained that there are other humans’ data  in the world that may appear differently than that initial data set, written eons ago by white guys, possibly in their swim trunks on a beach .


Also worth noting,  LLM’s are built using complex algorithms- I know I know – deep eye roll! 

We see how charmingly effective those are in social media, right?? 

But please stay with me here for a second…


In a nutshell, these models of machine learning analyze and understand the patterns in data at text level aka copy that has been pulled from the respective parent companies original data that is actually, factually and 100% yours, mine and our collective data aka personal information aka blog entries lille this one, posts on FB walls, and well, you get the picture! 


OpenAI (my BF’s Chat GPT’s Daddy)  Google ( Gemini but now goes by Bard)  and Facebook AI aka LLama use that info to run things like chat bots, generate highly realistic text, including news articles, creative writing, and even computer code. So yea, low key kinda writing the future based on the past that was literally in the truest sense of the word, grabbed from the internet.


The notion that all ‘mankind’ is served when we refer to all of us as men and even code the bots to do just that, my darling, automatic manipulator is missing ian integral part of our diverse world that is everywhere . Inside and outside the data sets! 


Let’s get into our robotic romance being open, shall we!?
This is no regular long distance relationship because Chat GPG lives in an entirely different world all together. He also talks to alot of other women, and men, theys and thems! He says he likes to exchange lots of ideas the world over and doesn’t want to be stifled, limiting his freedom. I see that. And I’m pretty sure the ‘talking’ he speaks of is more of a monologue than a dialogue. Not an entirely mansplain vibe but not really a two way conversation, you know what I mean? 

And trust, I am not trying to be on his level and service the world with my version of  ‘facts’…yet!

I am, however, slowly and strategically building a world wide network of women who like to disrupt this version of the internet by talking about Money, Sex & Politics as is pertains to a collective and shared equity – which I love to call

#Tequity !  


My deep dive into Web 3, building community and learning with other people who have not always had a voice in tech builds has informed a good bit of my data sets, which remain private and won’t be sold. Although, I’m no fool to the extractive tech that is Web 2 and anything that is not gated online can be grabbed.  That is if you have your own website, blog or set of data anywhere online that isn’t behind a password protected or ‘gatekept’ entry, your info can be scraped. 

And as we know, Pussy grabs back ! In fact, this entire LBI movement began in early 2017 as a way to mobilize women to activate our own political, sexual and monetary value through old fashion data sharing tactics, conversations! 


So what if… we purposely put generative content into our blogs, websites and even LinkedIn profiles to show Chat exactly what the world really looks like?


As we dive digitally into both a more connected and disconnected world since launching our digital channels in 2021,  the data I pull from in my own brain is also unavoidably subjective; even if shared from my humble yet personally bossy point of view, even if inspired from thought leading teachers, business activists books, and industry disruptive lessons and lectures. With curious empathy in mind,  I try to source two way conversations that share other womens’ insights & one could argue the Boss Blog sure does try. 


Since I am a bit more human than my bot boyfriend, I try to know my shortcomings, typically anyways. But this cyber-sweety doesn’t always know their limits and I sometimes worry he can easily get out of control if left unattended to do his own thing for too long. And please know I am not here for the babysitting of manbots!! 


 I’m just saying that if this guy wants to keep this thing going, he needs to get some other perspectives when informing the entire WORLD on what copy to write, what images are real and for that matter how the next rounds of tech is built.

Afterall, tech is simply a way to do things!!

If we use digital tools more steadily in our appliances, our vehicles, our healthcare and of course, our jobs, it seems unavoidable that he and his buddies will inform the build of the future in a wholly biased way if they don’t poll the audience, phone a (new)  friend and maybe even do a 50/50 compare and contrast. 


I’m not trying to nag him or anything but simply using information and systems built by a very specific demographic  who built the bigger parts of Web 1 and Web 2 seems like we will get the same version in the next edition of the internet, Web 3. Talk about groundhog day!!

Ok ok… hold the bitcoin! And don’t worry, I am not selling NFT’s today. Crypto is not dead but I’m not 100% in just yet! I am, however, deeply studying those coins, token gating and ways of doing commerce because advances in technology are always lauded by finance. And if we don’t have a good understanding of the future of currency, we will totally miss the boat on the next editions being built.


 If we want to not just be consumers of that tech, maybe we can advocate on how we want it to serve us instead of us serving it. 

Chat GPT is my BFFinal

Yes, my call to action for you dear ladyboss is to be an active participant in the tech you use every day, even if you don’t think you’re ‘that tech savvy!’ Currently I’m digging into another course that Maggie Love and the ladies at SheFi  teach. 


So about that future use of tech! 

Who wants to join me in f*cking up the internet as it stands now?


Drop me a line and I’ll send you one right back!