Financial Inclusion with Nicole Cacal


Nicole Cacal is our first guest discussing MONEY, and what it means to her. Her consultancy, Forbes Ignite, convenes conversations with business and nonprofit executives around hard-to-tackle issues.

She is an amazing Ladyboss whose mission is to help with financial inclusion. You can find Nicole on her website and on Instagram @nicoleccacal.

In this episode we discuss:

We know that a women lead world will be better for us ALL; particularly when we look at how the power inherent in Money, Sex & Politics are accessed.

Money. Sex. Politics. Nicole Cacal

“My background is in financial management. I worked in the investment management industry for close to a decade. I also studied finance in undergrad. I thought that my whole career trajectory was going to be in investment management. I went back to school, I did my first graduate degree at the Parsons School of Design where I teach now. There, I learned about business design. Really, it’s just using design to solve challenges for businesses. Creating solutions within a set of constraints. That’s all that it is. I use those design principles in order to create solutions for people and for the planet. My mission, going from the investment management world into what I do now, at Forbes Ignite, is specifically to create financial inclusion.” – Nicole Cacal

On the Podcast, we talk all things Money, Sex & Politics as they pertain to women thought leaders, industry disruptors, and business activists. 

In this episode, we are talking MONEY and financial inclusion.

Don’t worry, we promise to keep it light and bright, f-bombs delightfully placed 🙂

Seriously, it’s mostly comedy & errors with suggestions on how we can maybe, probably do better & asking leaders if they agree!


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