Sex with an Anthropologist Dr. Sarah Luna


Dr. Sarah Luna is our first guest discussing SEX, and what it means to her. Sarah’s mission is to become a feminist anthropologist who writes and teaches about sexuality. Sarah is now teaching at Tufts University.

Sarah just returned from Mexico City working on a second project about pleasure activism and sexual pedagogy among queer activists in Mexico City. She is also the author of Love in the Drug War: Selling Sex and Finding Jesus on the Mexico-US Border. She does it all! 

You can find Dr. Sarah Luna on her website and on Instagram @saritaluna.

In this episode we discuss:

We know that a women lead world will be better for us ALL; particularly when we look at how the power inherent in Money, Sex & Politics are accessed.

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I’m a cultural anthropologist. And I’ve always been interested in issues of sexuality. I think maybe starting in college when I was an undergraduate at UTSA, I helped found a feminist organization that we call lips ladies incensed by a patriarchal society. So, I came from a rather conservative and religious family in San Antonio, but very loving. And I think that that’s part of like why I because I learned about sex being as something that’s like really about marriage and I even like had a chastity ring when I was in high school. So I think that that might explain a lot of my kind of, you know why my academic study has kind of gone in this direction but also in great part because of the force stigma and the way that people who are considered either actual sex sex workers or people who get labeled divorce stigma end up being persecuted in different ways. That really kind of motivated my research.” – Dr. Sarah Luna

Welcome to the Podcast where we talk all things Money, Sex & Politics as they pertain to women thought leaders, industry disruptors, and business activists. 

In this episode, we are talking SEX with an Anthropologist.

Don’t worry, we promise to keep it light and bright, f-bombs delightfully placed 🙂

Seriously, it’s mostly comedy & errors with suggestions on how we can maybe, probably do better & asking leaders if they agree!


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