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Welcome to the Ladyboss handbag

Take a peek behind the curtain of some of the amazing Ladyboss Purveyor’s offerings to our LBI Backstage Pass members.

From our most loved virtual event series: For the Love of ….. We focus this tools & resource list on a women in roles of leadership in democracy. Check out this amazing line up of civic leaders, women running for political office and other feminine lead thought leaders to connect with! For the Love of Democracy:

Not sure how to leverage your side hustle in order to make it a full time gig? You want to ditch your 9-5 but don’t know where to begin... You want more flexibility to work from home and spend more time with your loved ones... You want to create another stream of income, but don’t have the time needed to scour the Internet or the funds to have a successful campaign...

Direct message instagram account @drpamelaminyard with the word “LOVE” and you will be sent a PDF of beautiful self-love affirmations you can meditate on daily.

Let's Bring People Together with an Interactive Virtual Mixology Experience! Shake up your virtual happy hour with a refreshing, interactive experience for your audience, clients, teams, or loved ones. Through a virtual environment, Rach Green Cocktails connects people globally to participate in creating amazing drinks they wish they could learn from their favorite bartender!

Are you ready to collaborate, elevate and inspire? What are your “superpowers” and how can we collaborate to showcase and share what you do in the world with others? Please fill out the contact form and let’s connect.

Optimize your BIO on IG & Clubhouse with detailed checklists. Example BIOs included for both social media platforms.

I spent a lot of my life playing the roles I was taught. . . being the good girl, striving at perfectionism, finding my worth through constant achieving, trying to hustle for love and success in the ways I was conditioned to through daily acts of silence, suppression, and self-betrayal. I kept telling myself that it wasn't a big deal (I mean everyone else seemed to be doing it), but that stuff adds up and the truth is that it. . . was. . . EXHAUSTING!

In this guide, Dr. Vita is going to share 5 of the simplest, gentlest, most effective things that help support and detox the body. By doing this type of detox, you are supporting your liver and other detox pathways, so your body resets and your fertility improves. Let's get you fertile!

We cannot wait to GLOW UP the world with you incredible ladyboss! Let’s GLOW!!​